Oct 11, 2011
By Joe D’ Aleo

Hansen: Failure To Communicate

It was simply a PR failure?!  NASA Warmist James Hansen: Climate skeptics are winning the battle — due to skeptics ‘employing communications professionals’

‘Part of the problem, Hansen said, was that the climate skeptic lobby employed communications professionals, whereas ‘scientists are just barely competent at communicating with the public and don’t have the wherewithal to do it.’

Unbelievable. Lets look at the facts:

(1) Warmists have dominated in all the popular journals by orchestrating control over the societies and editorial boards of the journals. They have the mainstream media in their camp. This is true of the magazines like Time, Newsweek, Scientific American, newspapers like the New York Times, WAPO, HUFFPO, LA Times, and on and on in this country and most of the intelligentsia rags in foreign countries.  Smaller papers like the Washington Times, New York Post, the Examiners, more obscure journals, talk radio and the internet are the only places where the truth can be found.

(2) Hansen and the modelers have failed in every prediction – temperatures stopped rising, sea level did not accelerate but slowed and now is failing. Winters are colder and snowier not warm and snowless. I could go on. Art Horn in his Energy Tribune story in “Icing the Hype” tells it well.

(3) They have no sense of history. See this excellent post by Steve Goddard where Steve takes on Hansen’s claims that the Texas Drought of 2011, the Russian heat of 2010 and the Europe heat wave of 2003 are proof he was right even though his movement failed in every other respect.

I did not mention the politicians and environmental and corporate support for the green agenda and the trillions of dollars spent pushing the warmsist position. Despite claims of big oil funding, most of the truth squad works pro-bono.

No, James, you haven’t failed because of poor communication. You have failed because your richly financed, pseudo-science is being seen for what it is – a failure.