In the four and a half years I have lived in Dothan it’s been hard to say what is “normal” weather for here. I have seen 3+” of rain in one day, temperatures in the teens, triple digit heat streaks, tropical storms and tornadoes. However, based on climatology one can deduce what is “typical” weather for a specific time of year based on looking at averages taken many years back.

One thing just about everyone can vouche for is the lack of rain we have had this season. Most of the Wiregrass is under Extreme (D3 of 4) Long Term Drought. Long term constitutes a drought that has lasted for over six months. For the past three months over 18% of the state of Alabama has been under Extreme drought, which is all in the Southeastern Part of the State.

The forecast does not look good heading into 2012 either. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a more mild, dry winter for the Southeast. This will continue to hold the Wiregrass in Extreme drought conditions, and could bring them back to the highest level of drought, which we experienced for parts of the fall.

In the near term….the Wiregrass has also been exceptionally warm for Mid-December. We have not tied or broken any records, but we are averaging 10-15 degrees warmer than average. December 15th “typically” (Based on climate records) is 61 degrees for a high, with a low around 40. We do not see a break in the unseasonably warm temperatures until Christmas weekend.

While this seems depressing in the lighthearted sense that we won’t be “feeling a lot like Christmas” or in a more severe case….some believing that Global Warming is to blame. Watch this video that is linked below, and then formulate your opinions…