First things first, the radio requires 3 AAA batteries. They should be used only as a back up power source, when the power goes out. Otherwise, plug your radio into a wall, place it somewhere near a window that you will hear it, and plug the jack into the one that says DC power on the back,

Based on where you live will decide what counties you would like to include or exclude in your list of what counties your radio picks up. I would recommend having more than one, but not including all of them, it will drive your crazy. If you need counties out of the area, you can go to the link listed to the National Weather Service.

Turn the radio on, and hit the Menu Button, it will then say TIME, the up and down arrows help you move through the menu options, to set the clock hit SELECT and then use the up down arrows to move the numbers, the left and right arrows move you to the next place once you select the right number. Once you have the time hit MENU,

Hit MENU again, and then use the up and down arrows to move through the list until you come to the option titled SAME SET. This is where you will program your county codes. Hit SELECT. You then have three options, MULTIPLE, SINGLE or ANY. Multiple is typically what most people chose, because you can ad as many or as few counties to your liking. SINGLE will only put one county in, and ANY will set off every watch or warning for any surrounding county…and will ultimately drive you crazy

Once you have selected MULTIPLE it will say SAME 01, hit select again, this will lead you to where you enter your six digit county code. You should see six blank dashes like this — — — — — –. Use your up and down arrows to enter the numbers, once you have the right first number, use the side arrow to move to the next one. Once you have all six digits entered, hit SELECT again. This will take you back to SAME 01. Hit the up arrow to move you to SAME 02…and so on and so forth continue this way until you have all your county codes entered.

Finally, to make sure you are getting the best sound quality for your area, scroll through the menu again until you see CHANNEL. Before doing this, make sure you’re not near any electronics or anything that would obstruct a good signal. Hit SELECT and then scroll through the different frequencies until you hear the clearest quality. Once you find it, hit MENU until it brings you back to the clock. And VOIA LA…your radio is set!!!