The Coast Guard said Friday that BP is now capturing more than a million gallons of oil per day, but that may only be half of the leak. Relief wells offer the best hope for plugging it. Although one of them is just 200 feet from completion, it could take weeks to finish the job.

Local officials are finally beginning to blockade the entrance to Barataria Bay, responsible for a third of Louisiana’s seafood revenues.  They’re using tied-together barges in a desperate attempt to keep oil out of the bay after a month-long battle with the Coast Guard for permission.

“As far as we know, we’re breaking new ground,” said Deano Bonano, director of emergency preparedness for Jefferson Parish. “Give a cajun some tools, and he’ll figure out how to do something.”

There will eventually be more than 60 barges anchored and tied end-to-end in the bay. When they are all here, that will make a 7,000-foot barrier to block and channel the oil.