is a inside scoop website about local and national news stations. You pay a membership fee to read the articles, but the headlines are free to anyone to read. From time to time I may paruse the headlines, out of curiousity and my natural affinity for gossip.

 I was browsing headlines today and noticed the site referred to broadcast meteorologists as “weather guessers”. Now while not all on air weathercasters have meteorology degrees, the vast majority of them are required to these days. At first sight, I thought maybe the term “weather guesser” was a personal jab at the person being discussed…so I scrolled further. Low and behold I found another “weather guesser” reference in a different headline.

Call me sensitive, but I worked awfully hard for many years to earn my degree, gain some experience and be respected as a professional of my field. I don’t like when people say “You’re in the only field you can keep your job and be wrong all the time.”, but I’ve heard it enough that I let it slide, because I know how much study goes into the dynamic science that is Meteorology. But, “Weather Guesser?”. How would an anchor like being called a “Human Answering Machine” or a reporter a “Dramatic Overreactor”?

The bottom line,  joke or not, is that most people take pride in what they do everyday, whether that job is cleaning bathrooms or running an Army base.  Nobody should be given a nick name that prods at that what they strive to do well at. WAS a website I enjoyed browsing, and I did find it a credible inside scoop. Now, I look of them more as the TMZ of the news world. It’s not a subscription I would ever pay for, no matter how juicy the content.