Hurricane Celia is now in the open Eastern Pacific. This is the first named hurricane of the Pacific and Atlantic Hurricane Season. Celia reached impressive Category 5 status with max sustained winds of 160 mph.

Hurricane Darby, also in the Pacific, follows closely behind Celia, is a Category 2 hurricane with max sustained winds at 105 mph.

Invest area 93L is now in the western Carribbean and is showing promising signs of being upgraded to a Tropical Depression by Friday afternoon.

Tracks take this system over the Yucatan Penninsula, and possibly into the Bay of Campeche by mid-next week. However, two computer models take this area into the central Gulf of Mexico, which is why the Gulf coast from Mexico to Appalachicola need to monitor this system closely over the next week. Regardless of where it goes, this very likely could soon become Alex, the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.