Monday morning 6/28 at 4 am cdt…Alex continues to regain intensity and the latest pressure fix is 990 mb. Even though the hurricane center recon has current sustained winds of 50 mph, the 990 mb pressure and dropping (strengthening) means wind speeds will soon be approaching hurricane force gusts. Since Alex has a fairly large circulation, it will take a few hours for the higher wind speeds to show up. Alex is well on its way to becoming a hurricane later today.
For the first time Alex is following a true NW path, but still is expected to swing back WNW to a landfall in NE Mexico south of Brownsville, TX. Alex will spend 2 to 3 days over the Bay of Campeche (extreme SW Gulf of Mexico) and is now forecast to be a Cat 2 hurricane with an ouside chance of Cat 3 strength.
Small swells from Alex will make it to the oil spill recovery area and to Alabama and northwest Florida beaches. This should not affect oil recovery efforts at sea but COULD push some oil ashore, DEPENDING upon swell size and duration. These swells would be arriving as early as Tuesday.