Earl, soon to be Fiona and likely other yet to develop tropical storms and / or hurricanes will pose an increasing threat to the US coastline in the weeks ahead.

Earl will be a hurricane officially later this Sunday morning.
Regardless, the pressure at Earl’s center was 992 mb from the 10pm cdt Saturday Aug 28 recon data and was listed as 989 mb in that update.

Such a pressure in a strengthening tropical cyclone would support hurricane force (above 73 mph) sustained winds at the surface.

Earl poses a significant threat for the extreme northern Leeward Islands, with HURRICANE WARNINGS (hurricane winds expected) for Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla.
HURRICANE WATCHES are up for St. Maarten, the American Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

For now, Earl looks to pass just to the northeast of Puerto Rico.

Earl could possibly threaten the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the mid Atlantic area, and / or New England later this upcoming week.
At the very least, Earl will be uncomfortably close to the east US coast then.

Farther east is another tropical system.
This system has NOT yet been declared a tropical depression, but it should be (image below).

In fact, it already has tropical storm force gusts (greater than 38 mph) and will be Tropical Storm Fiona by later Sunday or Monday Aug 30.

Fiona poses an even greater threat to the southeast US coast the latter part of the Labor Day weekend.
For now, the threat looks to be more to the Atlantic coast around South or North Carolina.

(above is Hurricane Fran 1996; Earl or more likely Fiona could be in a similar position with time)

Unfortunately, this active tropical pattern may try to shift westward with time.

Such a shift would increase the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes making their way into the Gulf of Mexico from mid September into early October.

It is a POTENTIAL but not yet a real THREAT, but we all need to be vigilant and thinking ahead.

We DO NOT want to repeat such scenes as the following –

More information throughout the next several weeks from all of us here at WTVY-TV.

Oscar Fann