Opinion time again.

If you saw President Clinton on Letterman last night, talking about “climate change”, and how to “fix” our so-called, “green energy challenge”, please remember that he is a lawyer – or was – and a politician.

The fact that he was our president – and Al Gore our vice-president – gives them absolutely no “inside scoop” about how the weather – or the economy – really works.

Neither one of them has ever run a business, met a payroll, or even taken a beginning class in meteorology.

If the climate really needs “fixing”, we’re in big trouble – because we can’t change it.

And if “green jobs” could really “fix” the economy, smart business guys would be all over it.

But they’re not.

The only people expecting to profit from all those non-existent “green jobs” will be lawyers – and politicians.

Watch and see.

– Connor