First things first….we’re now a few days into Fall, so when is it going to feel like it? Not right away, but likely by mid-next week. We are going to have a few days this weekend of unseasonable hot temperatures, in the lower 90’s, with the most considerable rain chances seen in weeks. A strong ridge of high pressure, that has essentially acted as a bubble over the Southeast, is finally eroding in the upper levels, which means more moisture can invade the air where clouds develop, and help to develop some shower activity.

 Sunday appears to be the best chance for us to see rain, because an approaching cold front will “try” to make it through the Wiregrass, with a bit of energy broken off to move through then too…this will give us enough ingredients to give us what we need for showers.

Since it is somewhat of a weak front, it will take through Monday to “clear the air” so to speak, but after that, noticably cooler and drier Air will be felt by likely Tuesday/Wednesday, and cooler morning lows by Thursday, perhaps near 60-63.

That being said, we’re still watching Tropical Storm Matthew, which is gunning for Nicaragua & Belize, and then likely the Yucatan. This is going to create a big headache in the form of flooding and mudslides. Where it goes from there enters voodooland, but many models say an upper level trough could push it towards southern Florida, perhaps Ft. Meyers/Tampa and become a hurricane. This will not be for another 4-5 days…so we shall see.

In the meantime, it’s a beautiful day out there! We expect to see some very isolated showers, otherwise a high of 94 could tie us for the record set in 1988, but I don’t think we’ll quite make it.

Have a good day!