After 110 days at or above 90 degrees this year for Dothan (includes 9 days at or above 100), it looks like the 90s have left the building. Someone lock the door, please!

After a bone dry September, most of us received at least an inch of rain Sunday evening with some more into Monday morning. Nice to see a colorful radar again.

Now, the first widespread shot of 50 degree night temps will arrive, and it looks like upper 40s may show up at night during the first full week of October.

What about the tropics? The next 2 to 3 weeks represent the last significant threat to our area (Yes, there have been isolated November threats, but by then the north Gulf waters have cooled enough to limit the intensity,  plus the steering winds have increased from the west to turn the systems more toward the northeast Gulf or the Florida peninsula).

Here is the Sunday overnight satellite image south of us.

As expected a low (eventually Nicole?) is trying to develop north of Honduras and east of Yucatan. It should move north mid to late week. For several days the trend has been for it to turn and cross the Florida peninsula late week or over the upcoming weekend.

In another week, yet another low (Otto?) may develop in the same general vicinity in the Caribbean.

Stay tuned to WTVY-TV for updates.