This arriving shot of arctic air won’t be quite as cold as two weeks ago – but it will be close.

Saturday may have some sunshine around dawn, but clouds will quickly cover the skies.

The high temperature (near 53, possibly lower with more clouds ) looks to be reached around midday.

Winds will be light out of the south southwest early, shifting to the west mid morning 4-9 mph.

By midday northwest winds will take over and increase during the afternoon to 7-14 mph, increasing to near 20 mph during the evening.

Temperatures will fall quickly into the 40s during the afternoon and into the 30s later in the evening.

Light rain develops during the afternoon (sooner to the west & northwest) and would be steady at times.

From around 10 pm to 2 am there will be a chance of a rain/snow mix or even light snow developing in the colder air arriving.

Slight snow accumulations (1 inch or less) are possible northwest & north of Dothan – especially toward Luverne, Brantley, Troy, Abbeville, Eufaula and Blakely, Georgia.

A trace or slight dusting of snow is possible south to the Florida line.

Precipitation (except for non accumulating light flurries) should end by 3-4 am, and increasing winds should blow most roads dry quickly.

Also, surface temperatures are not expected to fall to freezing until 4 am (expect freezing temperatures earlier west, northwest and north of Dothan).

However, if traveling early Sunday morning (especially west and north of Dothan), BE CAUTIOUS!

WIND ADVISORIES may be needed overnight Saturday thru Sunday.
HARD FREEZES are likely Monday & Tuesday mornings.

A brief overview of Sunday – Wednesday;
Sunday – Clearing, very cold and windy..AM Low 30, High 41
Monday – Sunny, breezy early, cold..AM Low 23, High 46
Tuesday – Sunny, not as cold..AM Low 25, High 52
Wednesday – Partly cloudy..AM Low 28, High 60
(warmer through the weekend).

Along the coast, a SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY is in effect Saturday afternoon to Monday morning. Also, a GALE WATCH is in effect Saturday evening thru Sunday evening.

Remember how you prepared two weeks ago (People, Pets, Pipes and Plants) and stay warm.

More on the weather Christmas night at 6 & 10 on WTVY-TV.

Oh, I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! and the best of holidays.