Three different rain episodes are headed our way by Friday Feb 4.

The first is ongoing and is mostly light rain with little chance of thunder. It will end early Monday with mild weather hanging around through Tuesday.

The second episode will have the highest potential for heavier rains and possible thunderstorms. That begins either late Tuesday afternoon or more likely Tuesday evening, ending by midday Wednesday.

Thunderstorms that may be strong to severe in Louisiana and Mississippi earlier Tuesday are expected to weaken by the time they arrive in the WTVY-TV viewing area later Tuesday.

A cold front moves through the area Wednesday but stalls in the central Gulf.

The third rain episode occurs as a low develops on the stalled front and brings rain back to the area Thursday afternoon through Friday morning.

It will be a cold rain with highs only in the 40s on Thursday In fact, areas from Laverne – Troy – Eufaula northward may have a mix of frozen precipitation.

The 1st episode has the lightest rain (average 0.25″); the 2nd has the heaviest rain (average 1.0-1.5″); and the 3rd episode in between (average 0.50″).

In all, the weekly totals should be around 1.5 to 3.0 inches – great potential to dent the drought!

Martha and Connor will have the latest as we go through the week.

Oh, by the way, for now the upcoming weekend looks dry and sunny but cool, not cold.

Meanwhile, take a tip from the following photo, stay dry and wait it out.