Wednesday’s High Risk Outlook Area…

Just a couple words on this severe weather outbreak…

Several EF 3 & EF 4 tornadoes have been reported across Oklahoma (Tulsa, Piedmont, El Reno, Okahoma City etc.) Texas (Dallas, Ft. Worth) Arkansas (Ozark, Denning), Kansas (Seward, Great Bend etc.)  left paths several miles long up to a mile wide.

Death tolls in the teens from Tuesday, and likely to rise as hundreds are still unaccounted for and many storms moved through the overnight.

The death toll from the single, EF 5 Tornado in Joplin, MO is now at least 123.

Softball and tennis ball sized hail reports coming from Kansas.

Another, rare (usually happens only once a year, this is the fifth time this has happened this year) High Risk area is expected to be outlined across eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, eastern Arkansass and Western Kentucky later today.

On average, tornadoes kill 56 people per year, in 2011, the count is nearing 500.

The Joplin tornado is the 4th recorded EF 5 tornado of 2011. Previously there have only been 4 EF 5 tornadoes in the past 13 years.

These facts are staggering…..what I hope they emphasize is the importance of awareness, realizing that the “it won’t happen to me” mentality will get you killed, and that being prepared and staying informed will save your life.