Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall on the northeast coast of Mexico south of Tampico at 4am this morning as an intensifying tropical storm with 65 mph winds.

Wind gusts as high as 46 mph were recorded in Tampico last night, and intermittent heavy rain and winds gusting up to 34 mph have affected Brownsville, Texas today.

The Brownsville Airport picked up 1.31″ of rain as of 10am, and Arlene has dropped rainfall amounts of 1 – 2 inches over extreme South Texas so far.

As Arlene pushes inland today, heavy rainfall amounts of 4 – 8 inches are likely over portions of Mexico, which will probably cause several million dollars in flooding damage.

However, Arlene’s rains are likely to provide a benefit to agriculture in the tens of millions of dollars, since the region of Mexico affected is experiencing their worst drought in over 50 years.

It’s fortunate that Arlene ran out of room in the Gulf of Mexico when it did; microwave satellite images of the storm at landfall show that Arlene was well on its way to establishing a complete eyewall, and would have likely become a hurricane if it had had another twelve hours over water.

– Report from Dr. Jeff Masters