This  blog was an experiment done by Meteorologist Mark Holley at WEAU in northern Wisconsin, one of the 20+ states that has been affected by the nation’s heatwave. Northern Wisconsin? Yes! A place that saw -20 degree winter temps had highs up to 105 and heat indexes into the 115 degree range earlier this week!
160 Degrees inside at 10:30 AM
These images had to use a meat thermometer to record the heat because normal thermometers stop at 120 degrees. The car was not on and the cookies placed in the back window.
Heated tp 180 degrees and stayed for 3 hours!

After four hours the cookies were basically completely baked.

This demonstration is why you should NEVER leave a pet or child in a vehicle unattended. A car can hit 120 degrees in 20 minutes with the widows closed. This very easily can kill a pet or child!!!