Subtropical Storm Beryl has formed in the Atlantic. The official NHC forecast expects this storm to make a turn toward the SE Coast of the US possibly approaching the coastline sometime Sunday as a 50 mph storm. Tropical storm warnings and watches are up for parts of the FL, GA, and SC coastline.

Our forecast is highly dependent on the track of Beryl especially for Memorial Day through Midweek… we are in the forecast cone. The main effect seen from Beryl would probably be rainfall from a much degraded system IF a far western track is taken. The farther east the system stays, the less our rain chances will probably be. Keep in mind as a tropical system makes landfall and weakens it tends to spread out so we will hope for some beneficial rains, but also expect it to be fairly dry IF Beryl makes it’s U-Turn back to the Atlantic sooner rather than later.  You will want to stay updated on this through the weekend so stay tuned to WTVY News4.

Beryl's  Future Track

Beryl’s Future Track includes the Wiregrass in the 3-Day Risk Area.